By Niyi Tabiti

There is no doubt that Blackberry phones are in hot demand in Nigeria. Fashion is not complete without it. I am sure you guys know that that every chic in naija especially in Lagos want to use BB. They are addicted to pinging.
Good. BB has a lot of facilities that make it easy for people to connect.It  has high resolution cameras and the BB messenger for easy messaging.
But the level of obesseion, plus how far girls can go to get a BB, especially the expensive ones such as Black berry Tourch and Porche is alarming.
I was chatting with a collegue the other day and he said “The madness to get one of the luxury item has driven many girls into several immoral acts”
Thats the truth, he insisted. He disclosed that many girls on campus want to use BB by force. I guess Research in Motion the company producing the phone should produce another one “BB by Force”- most of the girls have been sleeping around just because they want to use BB,they want to feel among.
“Niyi, if you see some of these campus chics using BB don’t envy them o. They worked for

it.lol..you need to know how many times some of these girls slept with several men just to use the expensive phone” the younger further told gistmaster.com

A lady who was listening to the conversation,said she concured with the insinuations that most campus chics can go to any length just to show off that they are using the best BB phone.She explained further that some of these girls using the expensive phones are people whose parents can not even afford to eat 3 square meals daily yet the girls are going about with phones  that cost as much as N100,000 (One hundred thousand Naira).That is why they can go to any length just to get the money.Pinging is sexy!lol


  1. Jojo   February 15, 2012 at 5:59 pm

    Who knows, maybe is bcos of the word Black,i suggest they should change the name 2 whiteberry so that some girls will stop misbehaving

  2. Lola Aregbe   February 16, 2012 at 5:37 pm

    Dis is absolute madness & demonic, why shd their girls sell our body 4 BB. GOD HELP US OH!


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